Our exclusive, soft, 100% cotton Hot Gulag Summer t-shirts and tank tops are comfortable and flattering.

You can also stock up on mugs, tote bags, beach towels, and our new $5 stickers.

But there’s another important mission behind Gulag Swag:

Wearing Hot Gulag Summer gear is a subversive and hilarious way to mock and protest our current totalitarian regime.

Wearing your Gulag Swag:

• Shows them you aren’t scared of their pathetic attempts to silence us.

• Lets them know they’re attempts to re-educate you have failed miserably.

• Provides much needed fellowship and solidarity with like-minded comrades. Who knows, they might be your future cell mates!

Still not convinced? Then remember: He who has the most fun wins. When you hit the gym or the beach or the party in your Hot Gulag Summer gear, you are 100% guaranteed to have more fun than the Regime legally allows!

Join the movement. Protest the Regime. Wear your Gulag Swag with pride!